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I'll keep you posted on up-to-the-minute happenings, talk about my approach to color, texture and design, organizing, interesting links, new books, and new threads and other mixed media materials. I'd love to hear your comments also.

Summertime Stitching

Recently I was teaching at the EGA GPR seminar in Reno and a student brought her finished Shorebird Avocet project for me to see.  She had finished it to hang from a pretty twisted cord and it was so cute!  Lots of us have someplace in our homes with a seashore theme (a seashell collection?).  Easy to take on a trip.  Here is a picture of the kit choices and a link to the page:  

Update:  The new colorway of Casbah is coming along and a photo should be available no later than August 15th.  The design is also being enlarged and is growing from 5-1/2" square to 7" square.  

The second in the mini geometric series has been delayed, but I am working on it and photo of it should be available by October 15th.  

We have been spending lots of time adding complete - ready to go- kits of many retired designs.  I am happy to say they are popular and we are slowly building up the availability.  I just added an update under each "Design and Kits for Sale" column the number of kits available.  If there is no number listed and you want one of those kits, please send me an email.

Happy stitching.



New Kits Now Available

I am happy to announce we now have the Autumn Arrows kits ready to ship.  This is the first in a Mini Geometric Series (5 inches square), so it is a great portable design to travel with.  This design is stitched primarily with the new Treenway natural dyes series of threads, as will be the future designs in this series.  I have chosen to use Zen Shin, a silk perle #8, and Harmony, a silk 6-stranded floss.  Also included is a skein of a new Stef Francis handpainted silk perle #5 thread.  Here is the link to the Autumn Arrows page for more info.

We also have available a few thread kits available for Images of India and Whirlygig and Mediterranean Squares

AND, the first group of Safari thread kits is now gone, so we have more threads on order and the kits will be available in about 30 days.

We are trying to work up to having an inventory on hand of thread kits for all the "Designs and Kits for Sale".  So please keep checking the site. 

Enjoy your stitching,



Sahara Class  

I will be teaching at the EGA National Seminar in Phoenix this year and am looking forward to it, and mid October should be good weather.....not too hot. I am teaching Sahara as a 4-day workshop which means everyone will have time to relax and just enjoy their stitching.  If you are still considering, registration is open until April 30th.

Hope to see you there,



New Design: Autumn Arrows

A few months ago I posted about a new Geometric Series stitched primarily with Treenway Natural Dye Threads.  The first one is now stitched....Autumn Arrows.

This design is 5" X 5" and is stitched using Treenway Harmony and Zen Shin threads in four natural-dyed colors, one Stef Francis Silk Perle and one Kreinik Tapestry Braid.  I am working on the instruction book now and hope to have the first kits ready to ship by March 1st.

Now I am off to Callaway Gardens to teach but will begin the second in the series upon my return.  

As I write this most of the country is struggling with extremely cold weather,  so I hope each of you is staying warm!  Even though it has been colder here at night than anyone remembers, we are much warmer than most of you.  Our worry is how many plants we might end up losing due to the prolonged cold.  It looks like this spring we will be looking at choosing different plants to re-plant.  We are also working at keeping the seed feed and hummingbird feeders filled and we are having a lot more visitors!

Just one more note.......9 Mediterranean Squares complete thread kits remain.  


Needlework and Zentangle

As many of you know I am also a Certified Zentangle Teacher. And for those of you who are not aware of Zentangle, just click on the link to my Terry's Tangles website (see the Places to Visit link at right) to get you started.  There has been a growing interest in Zentangle and during the last two years I have introduced Zentangle to several needlework groups/guilds which have been lots of fun. Last year I was asked to teach a one-day workshop for the upcoming Embroiderer's Guild seminar in Phoenix and it has attracted a lot of interest.  Below is a photo of my workshop proposal board on display at this year's seminar in Louisville, KY.  The left side shows Zentangle 101 examples, the AM class,  and the center and right side shows the Zentangle 102, the PM portion, with the addition of fabric and color.    

Also, this past year, my daughter, McCall Miller, also a Certified Zentangle Teacher, has begun teaching Zentangle at our great local art supply store, Riley Street Art Supplies in Santa Rosa, CA.  She tries to schedule a class every month and offers Zentangle 101 as well Zentangle 102 where she includes an every-changing selection of different media......very fun.    Her email is Her classes are very popular and a great choice if you live in the Santa Rosa area. If you are interested in taking a basic Zentangle class, but do not live in our area, has a listings of CZTs worldwide.

If you or your group is interested in combining Zentangle with color and/or fabric, please contact me if you would like further informatio.  Or see my schedule of upcoming workshops (as of 12/15/13) by clicking the Teaching Schedule tab. I look forward to hearing from you!