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I'll keep you posted on up-to-the-minute happenings, talk about my approach to color, texture and design, organizing, interesting links, new books, and new threads and other mixed media materials. I'd love to hear your comments also.

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Thread Kit Updates

We just added several Mediterranean Squares Complete Kits to stock.  These include everything needed to stitch the design, except stretcher bars.  Tiebele Nights kits, in all three colorways, were recently added, and look look for more Whirlygig Complete kits around June 1st.

If we are out of stock on a design you are looking forward to stitching, please drop me a note and we'll let you know when they become available.

Thanks for stopping by!



Harlequin Hearts and Funky Rose return

We have had many requests for Harlequin Hearts and Funky Rose over the last several years. I kept dragging my feet for one main reason.....I have to set up a work station outside and layer 5 different colors using spray misters and then iron the canvases (as in Harlequin Hearts), or mix pigments with textile medium to make my own washes and apply to the canvas (as in Funky Rose). 

So, whenever I colored them I definitely want to do multiples.  Now with the Copic Sketch markers I can easily color each canvas, or as an option, add an optional marker kit so stitchers can add their own colors.   Here is a photo of a Harleqin Hearts canvaswith the background done with Copic Sketch markers.   Rather fun. I will be putting together a tutorial to include with the instruction books.  Here is a finished Harlequin Hearts: 

And here is Funky Rose.  You can see a lot of the background and this week I'll be working on the new background using the Copic markers, and post a photo.

SO, a few Harlequin Hearts thread, bead and button kits are ready to ship now AND the Funky Rose kits will be ready in about 10 days. It's kit includes lots of thread varieties, lots of beads many sizes, wire, needles, etc.  I will be updating the website ordering for these two shortly, but if you are interested in ordering now, just send me an email.  Both these projects are fun to stitch!


Finally Moved and SAHARA

The last box was unloaded at our new home on December 6th.  We are slowly making our way through the boxes.   The family Christmas celebration was at our house this year so we had to clear enough space for the tree and dinner table.  The Christmas boxes (ornaments, stockings, etc.) were finally uncovered on Christmas, but we had already had fun looking for new ornaments....and everyone got a tote bag this year, instead of a stocking!  

But the studio is beginning to take shape now and I actually have a few workspaces (and lights) set up.  And my stitching light and frame has finally been located.  So I'm back in business and back to stitching.   


Above is a new progress.....Sahara.  I will be adding a few square and tubular beads in the next few days and then putting it aside for about 6 weeks, as I need to work on another proposal design.  Sahara, again, includes the use of Copic markers in another layered technique.  There will be both solid and open areas in the remaining rectangles.  

Part of the inspiration for this design comes from the "blue people" of the Sahara: The Taureg and their jewelry while the colors and undulating sand dunes of the Sahara provides the rest.  (When looking at the scan below, please be aware the scanning area was just a little too small so the left side is cut off a little.....the design is actually square!)

I plan to post a finished "sketch" next week. 

Happy New Years!