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Secret Garden and Kit Inventory

Well, it has been awhile, but I'm now catching up.  Here I have been worried about not feeling well all the time and come to find out I "just" needed some root canals.   So now I feel like stitching again and have finished up the 2nd small geometric design I created using Treenway silk threads.  Secret Garden is only 5" square and was fun to stitch. I used some interesting small new triangle beads in the design. They have the two holes on the top and I could use a heavier perle thread to attach them.  I like the finished look of the heavier thread!

The instruction book, marked canvas and thread kit will be available in about 30 days and I will post an update when they are ready.  If you think you are interested, please comment or otherwise send me a note so I will have some idea how many kits to make.  By the way, it is on 18 count canvas, and is the same size as Autumn Arrows.  

Also,  we have been trying to build up an inventory of complete kits (all threads, ribbons, beads, markers, etc. included).  Here is our current inventory as of 5/8/15:

2 Monet's Garden

4 Mediterranean Squares

4 Harlequin Hearts

1 Leaf Collage

1 Images of India

2 Wild Roses

2 Sahara

2 Safari

6 Whirlygig (ready in approx. 3 weeks)

If you see a design you like listed in Designs and Kits for Sale, and there is not thread kit listed above, please let me know of your interest.

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