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I'll keep you posted on up-to-the-minute happenings, talk about my approach to color, texture and design, organizing, interesting links, new books, and new threads and other mixed media materials. I'd love to hear your comments also.

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Safari Kits

SAFARI has been my most popular design over the years and we regularly get requests for the complete kit.  The marked canvas and instruction book is always available but now we have COMPLETE kits in stock.  Look at all those threads and beads! 

And if you have forgotten what Safari looks it is....

Click here for more details and to purchase a complete kit.  Please contact me if you have any questions about this or any other design and/or kit. 

Also in stock now are complete kits for 14 other designs....just add stretcher bars and embroidery scissors and you are set to stitch!



African Images is finished

I'm happy to post a photo of my latest design, African Images.  It has layers of Copic marker, stenciled leaves, funky feathers, nests with beads (eggs) and lots of interesting threads.  It will be on display at ANG Myrtle Beach at the end of August, but I will not teach it until ANG New Orleans in 2016.  After that it will be available for workshops.  I hope you like it!


New Design - African Images - in Progress

I recently began working on a new design which is a little different from my previous designs.  In this piece I am trying to create images, just images, of Africa, particularly the birds and their environments.  There are forests, baobab trees, marsh and grasslands, plus feathers and nests.  The stitched size is 8 inches X 11 inches.

The above photo is created by stitching about 1/4 of the design, then I added colored pencils and watercolor pencils to complete the rendering to send as a proposal.  I plan to continue working on this project to have completed in the next few month, so will post a few updates.

To construct the piece, I have used Copic markers for layering the background color and a stencil and acrylic dabbers to add leaves.  There is texture in abundance using lots of Silk Raffia, Painters Thread, plus other perle threads. 

I have to say this is the most fun stitching I have had in a while.  I will be interested to hear what you think,