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I'll keep you posted on up-to-the-minute happenings, talk about my approach to color, texture and design, organizing, interesting links, new books, and new threads and other mixed media materials. I'd love to hear your comments also.

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Working on a new geometric design

Now that I have returned from ANG Seminar, and before I leave on my teaching trip, I have been working on a new design proposal.  Stitching finally begins this week!!  

Several people stopped me, while at seminar, to request I do blog posts more often, particularly related to what I am current working on.  So, I just took photos of most of the currents elements I have collected so far.  In general this might include any of the following:  sketches, marker or paint color samples, a selection of beads, threads I am "auditioning", stitch sketches, overall design sketches, etc.  

Let's start with the color inspiration.  I already had the colors in mind when I saw this Design Seeds images with the colors.  So, I printed it off and carried it with me at first to get going with choosing a thread palette.  I always begin by collecting at least twice what I end up using.  

Next is the (very rough) original sketch and later I added some Copic markers to help block in areas of color.  The actual size of the sketch is about 2" X 2".  The actual design will be 8" to 9" square.

Here are the Copic Sketch Markers applied to 18-count eggshell canvas that I am considering......and will probably only use 2 or 3 of them in the end. 

While collecting supplies I found some great beads I had never seen.....some very small triangle beads.  Loved the colors and bought several tubes (just in case).  There are also several bugle beads in the mix, which i definitely plan to use.  *** The triangle beads are the two center tubes, and the tube on the right are Tila beads.

Now, last but not least, are the threads I have collected.  They are separated into three groups:  purples/blue, burgundy/rose, and rust/golds.  The threads include the Painter's Threads ribbon with metallic, Treenway 20/2 silk, Planet Earth PepperPot and 6-stranded silk, River Silks, Gloriana 12-strand silk, Kreinik 1/16" ribbon, Rainbow Gallery Spendor and FyreWerks, and a new Bijoux color and Valdani silk.  

These are different colors than I usually use and I am looking forward to seeing how the colors, threads and stitches all come together!!  Now that I have made an official record of the "starting" palette, it will be very interesting to see how it compares with the "finished" palette.


Two New Designs

I just finished the beading on two new projects.....always the last thing to do!  Of course they will be traveling to the framers this week, so I am interested to see what she suggests.  Tiebele Nights will be a one-day workshop and I plan to develop a second colorway....all rusts, taupes, creama and charcoal.   The size is approximately 5" square.  The beading? The four "Xs" at the points of the diamond....bugle beads and 8 mm flat square beads. There is also a little area using the Copic markers! 


Summer Garden Collage is a two to three-day workshop.  This might make an interesting series?! That leaves Fall, Winter and Spring.  Any suggestions of what to include in any or all of them? The approximate size is 8" square.  The flower centers are a mix of bead sizes.  Again, there are several markers used here and multiple small areas of exposed canvas. 

I still have one more new design to finish stitching.  My stitching deadline is July 15th, so I will be traveling with it on my next two teaching trips.  If you are attending SCR in Shreveport or San Bernadino, stop by to sneak a peak of Pear Duet!

Hope everyone is finding lots of stitching time this summer.



New African inspired design

Here is  a scan of the second of three new designs I am working on.....

Hopefully you can see the 4-way/symmetrical design emerging.  The X element at the center bottom of the design will be at the four points of the diamond.  This element includes 8 rose/red bugle beads, 8 blue bugle beads and one 8mm flat square bead. I have also used Copic markers, again, this time to surround the center diamond composite pattern.  Over the marker there is some light stitching to let the canvas show through. The overall design size without the narrow border (shown in pencil) is 5-1/2 inches square.  

I am anxious to return to stitching it as all seven of the design areas are all set as far as thread colors and stitches, so all that remains is enjoyable more "un-stitching" to work out the design issues.

Only one problem remains......I still can't come up with a name for the design.  If you have any suggestions, please drop me a line.

Now on to design #3!