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New designs on display in Philadelphia

Well, the ANG 40th Anniversary begins this Friday.  I will be flying to Philadelphia that day and there for 8 days.  I hope many of you are getting to attend this year.....if so, please stop and say hello!

My three new designs, recently discussed in this blog, will be on display in the Anaheim 2013 display. I always look forward to seeing all the wonderful projects that will be available the next year.  Even though the photos are very good in the brochure, they just can't capture the three dimensional quality of the needlework.  Be sure to stop by the exhibit if you are in attendance.  

Last but not least, Summer Garden Collage, Tiebele Nights and Pear Duet are now added to my Teaching Portfolio pages.   


Two New Designs

I just finished the beading on two new projects.....always the last thing to do!  Of course they will be traveling to the framers this week, so I am interested to see what she suggests.  Tiebele Nights will be a one-day workshop and I plan to develop a second colorway....all rusts, taupes, creama and charcoal.   The size is approximately 5" square.  The beading? The four "Xs" at the points of the diamond....bugle beads and 8 mm flat square beads. There is also a little area using the Copic markers! 


Summer Garden Collage is a two to three-day workshop.  This might make an interesting series?! That leaves Fall, Winter and Spring.  Any suggestions of what to include in any or all of them? The approximate size is 8" square.  The flower centers are a mix of bead sizes.  Again, there are several markers used here and multiple small areas of exposed canvas. 

I still have one more new design to finish stitching.  My stitching deadline is July 15th, so I will be traveling with it on my next two teaching trips.  If you are attending SCR in Shreveport or San Bernadino, stop by to sneak a peak of Pear Duet!

Hope everyone is finding lots of stitching time this summer.



Mediterranean Squares Framed

Well I returned home four days ago, but it certainly took me longer this trip to catch up on everything.  Maybe because the weather was so much hotter than I'm used to......I was in Houston the last few days of my trip and it was 103 when I left and about 68 when I got off the plane in San Francisco.  Now there is a big temperature difference! 

But, even though it was hot I still had a wonderful teaching in Nashville and visiting my dad in Houston.  Of course, it is always glad to return home to hubby, and all the animals (dog, bunny, and turtle).

 While I was gone I received a call from the framer saying Mediterranean Squares was ready early so I was able to pick it up on Thursday and am very happy with the way it turned out.  I certainly can't take credit for the framing choices as he came up with the gold mat and blond frame.  They really show off the stitching.  There is definitely an art and skill in framing. 

Now that I'm home for the next two months and it's time to start to start assembling kits for the next few workshops.  But I will also be working on the next new design so hope to post some palette photos soon.

Wishing everyone a great July 4th weekend, if I'm not back here sooner.